"It is the mind itself which build the body"
j.h.p. (1860-1967)
"It is the mind itself which build the body"
j.h.p. (1860-1967)
"It is the mind itself which build the body"
j.h.p. (1860-1967)

Deborah Degano is an amazing teacher. She prepares the lessons thinking about the needs of every single person in the class and she really cares about everyone. I started Deborah's lessons with a lot of cramps on my feet and legs, and now I can point my feet like I haven't done since I did ballet as a kid. The cramps have gone away! IVONE C.


Eine "Super!" Trainerin. Gründlich und sensiblen Durchführung des Pilates Methoden. Detailliertes Fachwissen! + Pädagogisches Talent! + Eine herzliche und fürsorgliche Natur. -- Sehr Zufrieden! DARREN P.


 I am 53 years old and have suffered with chronich lower back pain and lack of flexibility in my hamstring for many years. After just a month practicing Pilates at Deborah's Studio I perceived the difference: my body grew strenght, longness and sleekness and I start moving and walking more free and efficiently that I ever done before! BEATE W.


What I mostly like at the Berliner Pilates Studio is the friendly and energetic atmosphere during the classes.No time to get bored!
Deborah creates for each class the perfect challenge level and she really makes focus yourself on the exercise.
At the end of the workout I feel always exhausted and proud of myself, never frustrated! SUSANNE B.

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