Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Program


The STOTT PILATES CEC Program was developed to provide all Certified Instructors and Instructor Trainers with ongoing learning opportunities to keep skills current and maintain a high quality of education. In addition, this will help you stay abreast of the latest advancements in exercise science and the Merrithew repertoire.

*STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructors are required to obtain six hours of Merrithew™ Continuing Education Credits (0.6 CECs) annually to maintain their certification.


Workshops Fall/Winter 2022 


08.10.22 h 13:00-15:00, Berlin
STOTT PILATES® Postural Analysis Review

This hands-on workshop, developed by the Merrithew® team, outlines the importance of postural analysis in programming STOTT PILATES® workouts. Discuss the differences between static and dynamic posture and consider how each affects exercise choices and modifications necessary. Review postural theory relating to the effect of certain postures on muscle length and strength and actively practice postural analysis.


08.10.22 h 15:30-17:30, Berlin
STOTT PILATES® Mini Foam Roller™ Flow

Dynamic exercises can help develop more physical control. Flowing sequences require more endurance from the working muscles and fluid conditioning helps develop deeper connections throughout the body. In this workshop created by the programming team at Merrithew®, learn flowing exercise sequences using a softer and shorter Foam Roller that will aid in hydrating and mobilizing fascia while increasing joint range of motion and mental focus. Transitions between movements require strength and stability as well as coordination and concentration, fostering a sense of heightened awareness and self-perception.


22.10.22 h 15:30 -17:30, Berlin
STOTT PILATES® Twist Ball™ Workout

In this workshop, participants experience a fully integrated workout using the Twist Ball, an air-filled weighted workout ball. The same size and density as a larger Mini Stability Ball, the Twist Ball features a shifting center of sand and two soft foam handles. Once whole-body movement is mastered, participants can increase the variable load and challenge the connective tissue system through new creative exercises. Learn healthy load transfer strategies using drag, pick-up and toss style movements that reinforce whole-body motion, control, strength and coordination to manage acceleration and deceleration forces. Selected exercises in this workshop created by the team at Merrithew® emphasize movement variables and fascial concepts.


18.11.2022 h 17:00-20:00, Online


19.11.22 h 15:00-17:00, Berlin, Online
STOTT PILATES® Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus

This workshop provides instructors tools to incorporate new fascial research concepts within the body of the STOTT PILATES Essential Matwork repertoire. Following the Essential Matwork order, participants explore how exercise essences can be enhanced with new fascial research concepts, inspiring a new movement experience. Created by the experts at Merrithew®, discover seamless movement flowing exercise sequences that take the body through multiple planes of movement. This workshop will spark creativity in programming and allow participants to tap into their innate body wisdom to find alternate variations that best suit their movement potential on any given day.






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