Berliner Pilates for golf



Excel on the golf course with a proper warm up and conditioning routine. These warm-ups are designed to be done on the range, or at home, to prepare you before you practice, have a lesson, or play. Take the time to become mentally focused and ensure your body is warmed up and agile. Whether an amateur or pro, the game of golf demands body awareness and flexibility combined with strength and balance. Get an edge over other golfers and be prepared to step out and swing with confidence.  Learn how to condition your body to engage the very muscles you need to increase club head speed and drive your ball amazing distances down the fairway.

Increase core strength and give yourself that extra advantage on the green with STOTT PILATES®.


  • Each class lasts 60 minutes.
  • One-to-one training: 50 euros
  • Duet: 35 euros/p.p.


Berliner Pilates for golf


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