02-classe-pricesSince September 2010 Deborah Degano opens the door of her own -Berliner Pilates Home Studio-in Berlin.

In a comfortable and homely environment you can enjoy private and shared Pilates lessons.
The Pilates teacher creates a comprehensive exercise programm for each client. Classes will focus on specific areas individually whilst using exercises that integrate the whole body to re-educate and restore it to optimum muscular and skeletal function.


Classes description


Berliner Pilates offers Pilates classes in the STOTT PILATES® Method available at all levels: Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate and Advanced.

MATWORK CLASSES : in Matwork class exercises are mostly performed lyng down on the mat, using small pieces of equipment such as soft balls, fitness circles and bands. It's your body working against gravity that provides the biggest challenge.

PILATES TOTAL BARRE: high-energy and dynamic class which integrates elements of Pilates, Dance, cardio, strength training and stretching. No dance experience required!

REFORMER CLASSES: the Reformer is a very versatile machine. You work against spring resistance which add a whole new level of strength training to Pilates. Springs also provide support for difficult exercises that means you can work muscle groups more deeply and specifically. All kinds of exercises are done on the Reformer to promote length, strenght, flexibility and balance.

SOLO and DUET TRAINING: Private and Duet session with big equipment – Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels-are available every day by appointment, from Monday till Saturday at midday.

  • PRIVATE Session (60 min)

    Trial lesson € 30,00  
    Single lesson € 70,00  
    5-class card € 250,00  
    10-class card € 450,00  
    20-class card € 850,00  
  • DUO Session 60 min. (price per person)

    Trial lesson € 20,00  
    Single lesson € 50,00  
    5-class card € 180,00  
    10 - class card € 330,00  
    20 - class card € 600,00  

  • MATWORK CLASSES 75 min. POSTNATAL (60 min. with baby)

    Trial lesson € 12,00   
    Single lesson € 18,00  
    5-class card € 90,00  
    10-class card € 150,00  
    20-class card € 240,00  
  • Prices for students & artists / PRENATAL (60 min)

    Trial lesson € 11,00  
    Single lesson € 17,00  
    5-class card € 80,00  
    10-class card € 140,00  
    20 - class card € 230,00  

  • REFORMER/CHAIR classes (60 min)

    Trial lesson € 15,00  
    Single lesson € 21,00  
    5-class card (good for 7 weeks) € 95,00  
    10-class card (good for 3 months) € 185,00  


  • 5 Matwork + 5 Personaltraining  300 euro
  • 5 Reformer or Chair group + 5 Personaltraining  320 euro
  • 5 Matwork + 5 Reformer or Chair group  175 euro / 165 euro for Students
  • 5 Reformer + 5 Chair 185 euro


  • 5 cards Matwork/ Pilates Total Barre/ Postnatal/ Prenatal: 7 weeks validity
  • 10 cards Matwork/ Pilates Total Barre/ Postnatal/ Prenatal: 12 weeks validity
  • 20 Matwork cards: 12 weeks validity (2 trainings/week)
  • 5 Reformer/ Chair cards : 5 weeks validity
  • 10 Reformer/ Chair cards: 12 weeks validity
  • All Kombi-cards: 12 weeks validity


We highly recommend to sign up your class in advance.The Group courses are limited to max. 6 participants.


Private and duet sessions are scheduled by appointment. Reservation is strongly suggested 24 hours prior to lessons commencement either via on-line, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone. Later registrations are of course possible but it could be not guaranteed class availability. A notice of 24h is required on all cancellations and schedule changes. This notice allows the instructor to place another client in that time slot.


For your comfort please bring either comfortable panths or leggins, shirt and clean socks. Please do not wear baggy shirt or panths as this interferes with correcting body alignment and movements.



  • If you have an injury or medical condition, notify your teacher in advance. He can modify a particular exercise to make it more suitable for you.
  • You should inform your teacher if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.

We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes prior to lesson to prepare your mind and body for your workout , once we start moving, we don't stop!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!



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